Executive Minds Consulting Group is committed to engaging with professional organizations to lead and support diverse teams to new levels of success. Through a client – centered approach our strategies are designed to increase positive engagement, interdisciplinary and multi – level leadership communication, identify critical needs and deficiencies with the main focus on strengthening opportunities for process improvement. Executive Minds utilizes research based strategies and best practices with proven records of success for all professional training opportunities, strategic planning, staff development and leadership coaching to ensure as well meaningful, positive change at every level of the organization.

Cross Systems Training is designed to bring individuals, community members, agencies and organizations together in an atmosphere of support to systematically solve existing and emerging problems that could not be solved by one group alone. Understanding the complexities of collaboration and applying the key elements involved in collaboration increases the likelihood of achieving shared goals and outcomes. A major focus is providing technical support and assistance to community based partners providing and/or seeking to provide assistance and supports to educational entities in areas such as, but not limited to: Understanding the State Report Cards, Aligning Community Based Services to Academic Standards, Infusing Non – Academic Supports into School Culture, and Using Social Emotional Learning as a Tool for Academic Achievement and Success.